Date 31/08/2017

On July 11th, BIDGROUP Labor Union held a preliminarily review of activities in the first half of the year and deployed the plan for the second half of the year. Attendance was attended by Chairman of Trade Union Mr. Vu Van Hue and all union members and leaders of BIDGROUP departments.

With more than 111 union members, living in grassroots trade unions, this is a force that actively contributes to the development of BIDGROUP. In the first six months of 2017, union activity focused on five key tasks; The leaders of the unit gave presents to the employees at the Spring Festival and held a Tet celebration for staffs of the Company; Celebrate International Women’s Day 8/3 with fun activities at Flamingo Dai Lai; All staffs have been resting with Thailand summer tour; On the 30th of April, 1/5 employees were unioned with leaders of the company to prepare well both materially and spiritually … Besides the words of encouragement of the union to employees, The body in times of illness, hospitality … have been actively responded to staff

In order to achieve this result, the Union paid much attention to propagandizing, disseminating and thoroughly understanding the undertakings and resolutions of the trade union and the company to a large number of members, thereby speeding up the emulation movements. , Creating cohesion throughout the Company. Besides, staffs were sent to professional training by the Labor Union of Cau Giay district.

For the society, the union has combined with other departments in the company to participate in volunteer activities, social work such as: Scholarships, gifts for pupils and students in Thai Binh province May 19 – Uncle’s birthday; Give the house of gratitude to Vietnamese hero Doan Thi Thu in Thai Phuong – Hung Ha – Thai Binh.

During the meeting, delegates participated actively at the conference, proposed some problems still at the establishment so that the Union direction and removal help union grassroots continue to implement and Building up the BIDGROUP Trade Union.

The Board of Directors, in spite of busy working, has sent flowers to congratulate and acknowledge the contributions of the Trade Union in recent years, CT expects in the coming time, the Trade Union will develop more strongly. Specific proposals and programs to work together with the Board of Directors to build the best working environment for employees.

Conclusion of the conference, Mr. Vu Van Hue highlight important contents to be implemented in the coming time: prepare detailed plans for the end-of-year key programs: The table tennis team, carrying out a number of volunteer activities, summed up the movement of labor emulation and creative labor in 2017 welcoming the Trade Union Congress of the term 2017-2022 and prepare for the congress in the fourth quarter of year 2017.